BonyFace is a professional solution for rigging and animating facial expressions on 3D-Faces with ease and flexibility.
BonyFace is a 3dsmax script (max 2008 and up) developed between us and Fx,lda to drive custom 3D-Meshes with a rig based on a Bones System to simulate how real muscles behave in a real face.

This is the first tool in 3ds max, which starts facial rig creation from scratch, automatically creates skin, adjusts rig parameters and has many powerful tools for animation. With BonyFace you can create full face rig from scratch in 10-20 minutes! There is no analogues in 3ds max at this moment. Since its a script, the user can freely share the BonyFace rigged character with another professional NOT having BonyFace, anyone can load and render the scene with BonyFace-objects without having BonyFace installed like any common 3ds max scene.

BonyFace consists of Basic Tools and Extended tools.
Basic Tools are free to use for everyone, you can use Basic Tools to create rig, skin, setup rig and use standard 3ds max workflow to animate control objects of the rig without any limitations.
Extended Tools are available for authorized users only, but trial period was included, so anybody may use Extended Tools during 10 first sessions. You can use Extended tools to create complex animations and simplify whole BonyFace workflow.

BonyFace's facial rig BonyFace's controls: softs and directs

    Authors of BonyFace:
  1. Animator Nildo Essa (Mozambique): Idea, Financing, Testing, Featuring
  2. Rigger Maksim Poklonov (Kazakhstan): Rig System, Control Mechanics, Skin Mechanics, Testing, Featuring
  3. Developer 1acc (Russia): Programming, UI, Script Controllers, Layer System, Testing, Featuring