EyeLids rollout
Eyelids are driven by three controls: upper eyelid soft, lower eyelid soft, eye-spline of eye target. Soft Controls move eyelids up and down, eye-spline bends eyelids to follow the pupil - the result is more natural animation. Weight: spinners set the influence weight of eye-spline to drive Upper: and Lower: eyelids. If the weight is zero then eyelid stays in place while the eyes move. If the weight is negative then movement of eyelids is inverted. Inner: and Middle: spinners drive with bend of inner row of bones and middle row of bones. If bones of closed eyelids not fitting tightly to each other or don't stay in a straight line then all such issues can be fixed via these spinners. X: column sets horizontal movement, Y: - vertical. Set Y: values in central column at first, then in columns at sides, and after that move eyelid soft horizontally and set X: values. Small buttons in between the spinners link spinners to each other, if the button is turned on then nearest spinners change values simultaneously.