BonyFace Toolbar appears after authorization and update processes were ended when you start BonyFace. Toolbar is the main element of the BonyFace UI. You can run all basic and extended tools only from toolbar.
When you close BonyFace Toolbar all opened BonyFace windows will be also closed automatically, it will be end of work and exit from BonyFace. You may close toolbar also by pressing BF macrobutton.

Basic Tools group

Create Rig and Skin Open/Close Create Rig and Skin window (i also call this window a main window)
Setup Rig Open/Close Setup Rig window (you may setup rig at any time you want, but progress of the character in the main window must be "skinned")
Dropdown list contains all your BonyFace characters (if they are present in current scene). When you pick specific character in the list, all BonyFace tools will be switched to this character. Switching happens in all opened BonyFace windows, script needs some time to resolve controls, so i recommend not to use switching too often. You may also switch to another character from main window, but it is faster to switch from toolbar and you save screenspace cause you don't need keeping main window opened for just only to switch on another character.

bvh group - import .bvh files into scene

Load bvh-model from file Displays file open browser dialog to pick .bvh file and imports this file into scene, creating hierarchical model with animation. You may do anything with this imported model, in Bonyface it can be used to transfer animation on controls using Mocap layer
Remove bvh-model from scene Select one of the markers before removing, because script should know which bvh-model you want to remove in case when scene contains more than one bvh-model.

Hide group - hide/show geometry and controls (works with current head/character)

Hide current head Hide/Show head geometry - objects of head, eyes, teeth, tongue
Eye splines Hide/Show eye splines - controls of eye target
All Hide/Show all objects of BonyFace rig. When you press this button, buttons Softs and Directs also will be turned on/off synchronously, so, to hide all rig but without controls you have to turn on All button and turn off Softs and Directs buttons after that
Softs Hide/Show softs (yellow circles)
Directs Hide/Show directs (blue circles)
Freeze current head Freeze/Unfreeze head geometry - objects of head, eyes, teeth, tongue. Use it to make selecting controls in viewports more easy

Extended Tools group - (works only with "skinned" characters)

Drive Open/Close Drive window - major window for creation of animation by various ways
Selector Open/Close Selector window - select/move all controls via UI, manipulate with selection and copy/paste positions of symmetric controls
Control Center Open/Close Control Center window - select/move major controls via UI interactive and fast
Reset All Controls Move all controls to initial positions (same thing happens when you apply Reset Pose in Drive window)
Select All Controls Select all of 116 BonyFace's controls