In Basic Tools:
  1. Max 2014 support
  2. Automatic updating to any new version via Internet
  3. Automatic model check to meet requirements
  4. Automatic picking of optional objects (eyes, teeth, etc.)
  5. Improved Adjust Splines window are now the basic tool
  6. Minor UI changes to increase usability
  7. Added Undo button in Adjust Controls group
  8. Added progressbar
  9. Freezes during rig and skin phases was removed
  10. Small improvements in the rig of eyelids
    In Extended Tools:
  1. Buttons to select and reset all controls was added on toolbar
  2. Use Del button to delete poses or layers in Drive tool (old buttons to delete was removed)
  3. New mode in Drive: Active controls (right-click on pose to select them)
  4. An ability to auto-create animation keys in Grimace Mode (hold Ctrl)
  5. Named buttons to select custom groups of controls in Selector tool (30 buttons total in 3 tabs)