facial animation system for 3ds max
works in 3ds max 2008 and up
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Sergey Karikh presents a Gintolik character
Dance 01

GIN Drums Cam 01 Alpha


Adios, muchachos

Mikhail Selevonik presents a video where BonyFace was used
Animreel 2013

Animreel 2013 Breakdown

Neil Benjamin ( presents a music video where BonyFace was used: Columboid - Gorky - "GG 9". Author: sharkmar
short film by Jonathan Blanc
Spheregirl animation test
Sphereboy animation test
Os Pestinhas (
Os Pestinhas (

I'm glad to present a new animation where BonyFace was used: a 3D animated short movie was made by
The Insert Coin Team
three students from Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard in Namur (Belgium)

Click for more info about using BonyFace in this short

Os Pestinhas. O tio Xixiteiro (
Grom. Author: Denis Serovatov (nemon)
Os Pestinhas (
Os Pestinhas (
Os Pestinhas (
Os Pestinhas (
Os Pestinhas (
Song (3D-artist Zaryana Komarova)
Successful appointment
Arroz Leao - Matraquilhos
Rise Factory
New Guys
bony face 2.0 test