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23.08.2017: BonyFace 3.3 was RELEASED. Features: 3ds max 2015-2017 support, improved splines, rig, skin phases
25.11.2016: Local part of MATADOR System was released for foreign users !
20.01.2015: New videos from Curvin Huber were added into BonyFace Tutorials
18.07.2014: BonyFace 4.0 in development!
01.02.2014: New sample model was added into downloads: - fully rigged character!
29.10.2013: BonyFace's Help Reference was updated with: Selector and Controls Center tools for BonyFace 3.2
08.09.2013: New sample model was added into downloads: for BonyFace 3.2
12.08.2013: New video was added into BonyFace Gallery
12.08.2013: Help Reference for BonyFace 3.2 Basic tools is READY and available here
27.06.2013: BonyFace 3.2 was released
Authorized users will update to any new version of BonyFace for free as always

Name/Link Version Status Description Donation decreases time to release date
matador 2.0 in development Render manager and service to render your scenes by other cg-artists. Local part is RELEASED
BonyFace 4.0 in development facial animation system
oRigIn -- aborted project aborted because of this - LH | Auto-Rig --
VoidFlow -- pending tool to create and animate various crystal structures --

matador - system to render your scenes by other cg-artists for free BonyFace - facial animation system oRigIn - character animation system based on custom constructable rigs VoidFlow - tool to create and animate various crystal structures

Commercial scripts
Name Version Video Buy ($10) Short description
daz3dConverter 1.0 video
Converts GEN1, GEN3, GEN8 skeletons of daz3d into CAT-bones with old Skin. Works in 3dsmax 2016-2017
ThePuppetTool 1.2 video
Useful selector for Cat and Biped skeletons with many optional features. Works in 3dsmax 2016-2017
Morpher 1.0 video
A tool to easily animate with Morpher modifier. Works in 3dsmax 2016-2017
If you have some questions, problems with commercial scripts or need more information - feel free to mail me and i'll give you all details.

Freeware scripts
Name/Download Version Readme Screenshots Short description
SuperPainter 2.0 view 1
To view description place mouse cursor over the script row.
HandManipulator 1.0 view 1
Building 1.2 view 1
PolySpline 3.0 view 1 2
BlenderFluid 1.3 view 1 2
BipEditAnimRanges 1.0 view 1
TextureRenamer 1.2 view 1
MailRenderCam 2.2.2 view 1
WindowCreator 1.1 view 1
BookFiller 1.2 view 1
SmartPivot 1.0 view --
ALLAboutCircles 1.0 view 1
SuperPainter Fill Map 3.0 view 1
VertsAligner 1.0 view 1
ArchedSpline 1.0 view 1
ThePuppetTool 1.1 view 1, 2006-2017