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23.08.2017: BonyFace 3.3 was RELEASED. Features: 3ds max 2015-2017 support, improved splines, rig, skin phases
25.11.2016: Local part of MATADOR System was released for foreign users !
20.01.2015: New videos from Curvin Huber were added into BonyFace Tutorials
18.07.2014: BonyFace 4.0 in development!
01.02.2014: New sample model was added into downloads: - fully rigged character!
29.10.2013: BonyFace's Help Reference was updated with: Selector and Controls Center tools for BonyFace 3.2
08.09.2013: New sample model was added into downloads: for BonyFace 3.2
12.08.2013: New video was added into BonyFace Gallery
12.08.2013: Help Reference for BonyFace 3.2 Basic tools is READY and available here
27.06.2013: BonyFace 3.2 was released
Authorized users will update to any new version of BonyFace for free as always

Name/Link Version Status Description Donation decreases time to release date
matador 2.0 in development Render manager and service to render your scenes by other cg-artists. Local part is RELEASED
BonyFace 4.0 in development facial animation system
oRigIn -- aborted project aborted because of this - LH | Auto-Rig --
VoidFlow -- pending tool to create and animate various crystal structures --

matador - system to render your scenes by other cg-artists for free BonyFace - facial animation system oRigIn - character animation system based on custom constructable rigs VoidFlow - tool to create and animate various crystal structures

Commercial scripts
Name Version Video Buy ($10) Type Short description
o2a (One to Another) 1.0 video
This script makes an animated transformation from one object to another using voronoi fragmentation and Particle Flow. Works in 3dsmax 2015 and up
daz3dConverter 1.0 video
character Converts GEN1, GEN3, GEN8 skeletons of daz3d into CAT-bones with old Skin. Works in 3dsmax 2016-2017
ThePuppetTool 1.2 video
character Useful selector for Cat and Biped skeletons with many optional features. Works in 3dsmax 2016-2017
Morpher 1.0 video
character A tool to easily animate with Morpher modifier. Works in 3dsmax 2016-2017
If you have some questions, problems with commercial scripts or need more information - feel free to mail me and i'll give you all details.

Freeware scripts (old)
Name/Download Version Readme Screenshots Short description
SuperPainter 2.0 view 1
To view description place mouse cursor over the script row.
HandManipulator 1.0 view 1
Building 1.2 view 1
PolySpline 3.0 view 1 2
BlenderFluid 1.3 view 1 2
BipEditAnimRanges 1.0 view 1
TextureRenamer 1.2 view 1
MailRenderCam 2.2.2 view 1
WindowCreator 1.1 view 1
BookFiller 1.2 view 1
SmartPivot 1.0 view --
ALLAboutCircles 1.0 view 1
SuperPainter Fill Map 3.0 view 1
VertsAligner 1.0 view 1
ArchedSpline 1.0 view 1
ThePuppetTool 1.1 view 1, 2006-2017